Hello, It’s me, Sheila. You might recall that I shared about a cancer scare due to a cyst the doctors found in me. 

While the results were thankfully negative, I decided to utilize the long weekend on October 30 for a laparoscopy to remove cysts from my uterus and breast.

This led to a week of much-needed rest, however that same week, I jumped back into work, handling administrative tasks and documentation for clients who wisely opted for life insurance.

Now, onto the hospital-related matters…

My hospital bill reached PHP 443,000.00!


Imagine, it wasn’t even cancer or any critical illness listed, pero ang laki ng expenses. It just goes to show how costly it is to get sick!

Fortunately, I have my Philhealth Maxicare, reducing the overall cost by around 143k PHP.

I filed a claim with Manulife, and luckily, there’s a surgical benefit of 20k PHP.

I’m grateful for tools like health cards, Philhealth, and insurance. They significantly eased the stress, allowing me to focus on recovery without worrying about the financial burden.

Reflecting on this experience, I’m reminded of my mission to empower others to be financially prepared. 

Life’s uncertainties are inevitable, but being equipped with the right financial tools can make the journey smoother.

Now, I’d like to talk about how insurance offers extensive benefits that go beyond mere financial coverage. Let’s explore why life insurance is a vital element in a comprehensive financial plan.

Financial Security: 

A foundational aspect of life insurance, ensuring dependents are shielded from financial strain in the event of the policyholder’s demise. It covers outstanding debts, preventing loved ones from financial burdens.

Income Replacement: 

Acts as a safety net, replacing lost income for families relying on a primary breadwinner, enabling them to maintain their lifestyle and meet essential needs.

Estate Planning: 

Facilitates seamless asset transfer to heirs, reducing potential conflicts. Offers tax advantages to ensure beneficiaries receive maximum benefits without heavy taxation.

Long-term Care: 

Beyond immediate needs, life insurance serves as a supplement for long-term care expenses, providing added financial security as policyholders age.

Peace of Mind: 

Offers invaluable peace of mind in a world of uncertainties. Knowing that loved ones are financially protected eases anxiety, allowing individuals to live fully present with loved ones without money worry.

All these benefits among others like Tax Benefits, Debt Coverage, Business Protection,Charitable Contributions, and many more.

With all these in mind, it goes without saying that life insurance must be part of financial planning.

It goes beyond being a mere policy; it is a promise, a commitment to securing the well-being of those who matter most. 

It is a legacy of protection, a testament to foresight, and a cornerstone of a stable and secure future.

So, let us recognize its significance and embrace the peace of mind it brings, for in safeguarding our loved ones, we are indeed securing our own legacy… 

Leading to AngPao for Life.

Got questions? 

Send me an email at sheila@angpaoforlife.com or book a call by clicking the link below.

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