After 1 year of getting a VUL plan, a client approached me and asked…

Client: Sheila, you mentioned that I can add critical illness to my VUL plan right?

Me: Yes after 6 months from the effectivity of your policy.

Client: Oh, naka more than 6 months na ako…

Me: Bakit mo natanong?

Client: I was diagnosed with a brain tumor…

Me: Oh my, I am sorry to hear that.

Once diagnosed with critical illness, it is impossible for us to get insurance coverage. How to work around this?

We had another FB Live Session last Friday, April 22, 2022. The topic – 3 Ways to Convert Your VUL into a Health Insurance – was still part of my VUL series where I am hoping to educate people about the importance of VUL and how to maximize that as an investment.

If you missed it, don’t worry, I always share the replay.

Here are the key takeaways :

1. You can add on health insurance, health riders, or health benefits such as Critical Illness Benefits, Hospital Benefits, and Accident Benefits.

2. Repurpose your plans. You need to reassess your goals and figure out if you want to repurpose your existing policy into a health insurance policy.

3.You need to consider having more investments, apply for a new policy, or get a specific plan for your health insurance only.

To get more details, you may watch the replay here, or simply book a call with me if you want me to assist you with your current policies across different life insurance companies so that you will be able to maximize your existing insurance coverage.

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