Its been 7 months that we are in lockdown. So much change is happening around us that we cannot help but reflect on the most important thing in our life, our family.

As long as our family is safe, we should be grateful.

I was deeply disturbed by the passing of my former teacher last week. His children were asking for financial help as the hospital bills reached around a million. I was bothered as he is leaving a legacy of debt to his children. It was not his fault getting sick and most certainly not his fault that the hospital bills are expensive. But there’s a way to avoid all this, to plan and prepare for the things that can happen to us in the future.

Death, disability or sickness, and old age are guaranteed to happen to us all, we just don’t know when. Why not prepare for it?

Health insurance plans are available to protect our savings, allowing us to keep our savings intact for our children.

I have good news as Manulife recently launched its health insurance plans.

It is one of the best plans in the market because it can cover a person until age 100. The critical illness claim can start at the early onset of the illness and if it progresses to a critical stage, we can claim the benefit 100%.

You can also receive a recovery benefit during your recovery period. Now if the illness comes back or if you are diagnosed with another new condition, you can make a second claim for the same 100% benefit. And if you do not fall ill and live a long life, the accumulated funds will be returned to you with interest at age 100.

Walang talo. Sulit siya! This plan is available from 0 to 70 years old.

Nothing to loose. It is a 3 in 1 plan, it is a savings plan with health protection and also a life insurance plan. If diagnosed with COVID that leads to critical illness, you may claim already.

If you want to know more, just reply to my email and we can schedule a video call and I can explain it to you.

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