Be Truly Present Without the Money Worries through AngPao for Life

“AngPao for Life” is about saving and preparing for a prosperous future.

Just like the tradition of giving Ang Pao envelopes, which includes money, I created this concept to help you build a strong financial foundation that will last a lifetime. Thus, the “AngPao for Life.”

By making smart financial decisions, investing wisely, and planning for the long term, we can create a secure future filled with blessings and opportunities. 

A future of financial stability, freedom, and abundance.

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It is my mission to educate and guide financially worried parents, providing them with the 5S method and the right financial tools to instill harmony among their family members for generations to come.


My vision is to empower 10,000 parents by 2028, helping them spend quality time with their loved ones without money worries through the AngPao for Life method. 




Through empowerment, service with integrity, and harmony—I help parents by maximizing their money, giving them financial confidence and peace of mind.


I’ve helped over a thousand parents overcome financial anxiety in my 17 years of experience.

Their financial worries gradually eliminated through my guidance and proven method.

They gained confidence, peace of mind, and  now enjoying quality time with family, knowing their money is well managed.

Through annual policy reviews, I keep up with market trends, optimizing your plan. 

Together, we ensure a seamless wealth transfer, creating a happy and fulfilling life for your family.

Join me on the AngPao for Life journey. 

I’m committed to your financial success and well-being.

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