About Us

About Me

Hi, I’m Sheila Ching Ong, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Management of Financial Institutions from De La Salle University, Manila.

Born and raised in Binondo. Contrary to what people think, I did not grow up in a wealthy family. Our life is simple, where having three meals a day was already considered sufficient. We did not have the luxury of staycations or frequent vacations.

In fact, we reached a low point when my parent’s business went bankrupt, and our lives became uncertain. However, during this time, my faith in God grew stronger and gave us the strength to move forward. It was during this difficult period that I discovered the importance of managing money wisely. 

At the age of 22, I started my career in financial planning services, driven by the hard lessons I learned from experiencing bankruptcy with my own family. As I worked hard to overcome our debts, I became passionate about educating entrepreneurs on cash flow management and achieving financial stability, even during uncertain times, without hindering business growth.

I became a Registered Financial Planner (RFP) and now I use what I’ve learned to assist others in their financial journey.

Throughout my 17 years in this field, I transformed from an introverted individual to a confident public speaker. I have coached over a thousand entrepreneurs, helping them build self-confidence, discover their life’s purpose, and ensure reliable cash flow.

What I learned for the past 17 years (the process) helped me now enjoying AngPao for Life 

Now that I have my son with me, I apply all the learnings and he is now enjoying AngPao for Life

I am the Founder of AngPao for Life, A Certified Scale-up Coach, Certified B.A.N.K coach, multi-awarded Manulife Agency Leader, wife, mom, and a devoted daughter of God.

I believe that knowledge is power, and I am passionate about sharing my experiences and expertise with people who are seeking financial empowerment.

Mission & Vision



By 2028, I will 10,000 empower parents to spend quality time with their loved ones without the money worries implementing AngPao for Life method.




To educate and guide financially worried parents and gain money confidence thru the 5S method by equipping them with the right financial tools and instilling harmony among the family members through the next generations to come.


My Services and Its Impact

Financial Advice for Peace of Mind: I provide guidance and advice to my clients, helping them achieve peace of mind and financial stability. With my assistance, they can request payouts for various needs, including:


  • Kids’ tuition fees
  • Daily expenses
  • Ang Pao (gift-giving)


Assisting in Financial Withdrawals: During challenging times, many of my clients need to withdraw their funds due to various reasons, including:


  • Business struggles requiring additional funds, which eventually recover and flourish
  • Home renovation needs
  • Medical expenses, such as back surgery
  • Providing financial support to relatives in China


Facilitating Claims for Unexpected Situations: I help my clients navigate the claims process for unforeseen circumstances, such as:


  • Accidents
  • Sickness
  • Unexpected death


Through my services, I ensure that my clients receive the necessary funds to continue living without money worries. Proper planning, saving, and investing in previous years have become a gift for them. By avoiding the need to borrow money from relatives or other financial institutions, they can lead a less stressful life.

Core Values



I empower financially worried parents by showing them how the  blueprint can help manage & maximize their money well so that their hardwork will not go to waste and their children will be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor.


It will give you, parents, financial confidence, gain peace of mind and focus on (time with family and, be more productive on your current business or profession.  Your hardwork is all worth it and you will feel proud and fulfilled.



I am fully accountable to the advise and recommendatiot I give to my clients so that they can achieve AngPao for life for themselves and for their loved ones.  As they trust the process, they can slowly relax knowing that their hard earned money is well taken care of.  


To ensure this, I conduct an annual policy review to update you  on what is happening in the market and check if there are any changes that need to be done with your financial plan.




Part of achieving AngPao for Life is that you will have a well-planned wealth transfer to your heirs.  With proper planning, your heirs will experience a smooth transfer of wealth without any money worries.  All family members will have a happy, untroubled and fulfilled life.

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