I’m truly grateful to my younger self for having the wisdom to start protecting myself at just 19 years old.

Thank you to my mom and her financial advisor for pushing me to get even if I was still studying.

Because aside from the recent happening where I was diagnosed with a malignant cyst…

I realized nakapag claim na din pala ako previously…

Polyp removal miscarriage… pregnancy benefits… 

And if ever may another removal pa, covered pa din naman.

On top of that, may ipon and dividends. Covered ako ng PHP 1M for life.

But if I hadn’t started back then, and I was facing these health issues now? 

I would either be struggling to get insurance, or worse, I’m not insurable anymore…

Can you imagine the mental stress?

You see, the catch is that you can only get insurance if you’re in good health when you apply. 

Unfortunately, not everyone gets the opportunity to secure themselves when these situations strike. 

And you can’t blame them because there are a million reasons why.

But, imagine finding yourself in a similar situation, ask yourself this—are you prepared?

If not, guess what…

You’re not alone. In fact, 80% of Filipinos consider the cost of treating critical illnesses expensive. 

More than half admit to not being financially prepared to face those massive medical bills if we were hit by a life-threatening illness.

With all these reasons…

It’s time you add “get an insurance plan” to your to-do list before the year ends…especially if you’re young and in good health.

Nagkaroon ako ng client  inofferan ko health insurance so, yung premium niya based on our computation was PHP 240k per year…

Upon receiving the computation, hindi naman agad siya nag take action.

After a month,, nag iba na yung computation and ang ending, sa bagong premium payable niya per year is PHP 250k na. Nag-plus 1 na pala ang age niya… 

Mabilis lang ang panahon, and everytime tumatanda tayo, dumadagdag premium payables natin.

Kung alam mo naman na kailangan mo ito and it benefits you, I suggest wag mo na idelay.

The good news is…  we can adjust the premium base on your budget.  Hanapan kita ng fit for you… we do have a health insurance plan that starts at 1k a month…  (this depends on age ah) 

The best time to get insurance? 

Right now. 

Life insurance is more affordable when you’re younger, and that gives you more time to see your investment grow. 

You can secure yourself today while also preparing your financial future. 

Please don’t wait until you’re not insurable anymore.

Pag kumuha ka as early as now… for sure your future self will thank you too.

And if you have more questions?

Call me, ayusin na natin ang health insurance coverage mo.


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