(Little Boss Camp level 1)


Attention, parents! 🚀

Looking for an awesome program that’ll unlock the entrepreneur in your kids? 

Look no further!

Introducing Little Boss Camp Level 1 — A Pathway To Entrepreneurship For Kids And Teens 

It is an immersive program designed for Kidpreneurs. 

Your child will embark on a thrilling journey that will ignite their creativity, develop essential business skills, and cultivate the mindset of a visionary leader.

Picture this: Your child confidently pitching ideas, rocking business strategies, and teaming up with cool young entrepreneurs. It’s like an environment where your kid will explore their passions, think creatively, and learn real-life business stuff.

This program mixes fun with serious business plans. 

Your kid will do cool things like turning dreams into reality through hands-on activities, workshops, and exciting challenges.

They will learn how to identify opportunities, overcome obstacles, and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the business world.

We're Not Just Teaching; We're Nurturing Future Leaders.

By having your kids’ join the Little Boss Camp Level 1, you’re setting them up for success. 

We’re all about helping every kid be a trailblazer and leave their mark on the world.

Get ready for your little one to gain skills, know-how, and the superpower of confidence to rock the young entrepreneur scene!

This is your chance to spark your child’s entrepreneurial genius. 

Enroll them in Little Boss Camp Level 1 now, and let’s watch them soar as the next-gen visionary leaders!🚀✨



What does a mommy of a kidpreneur graduate has to say? 

-Lia (mom with 2 kids 7 and 4)

What’s Little Boss Camp Level 1 All About?

We go beyond mere education for kids; we are dedicated to nurturing and molding young entrepreneurs! 

Brace yourself for a captivating glimpse into the thrilling adventure that awaits your child:

🌈 What Your Kids Will Learn:

1. Mindset Magic: We’ll sprinkle the magic of entrepreneurship in their minds early on, setting the stage for a future of possibilities.

2. Passion Unleashed: Help your kids discover their passion, arming them with the resilience and grit needed to tackle any challenge.

3. Employee vs. Entrep: Let’s unravel the mysteries of the working world, so your kids can decide whether they want to be the boss or work for one.

4. Idea Implementation: Watch as your kids gain the confidence to turn their ideas into reality, one creative endeavor at a time.

5. Habit Heroes: We’ll instill the right habits, making academics a breeze and reducing gadget time, so they can focus on what truly matters.

6. Business Wizards: From creating a business plan to nailing a business pitch, your kids will become the wizards of the entrepreneurial realm.

7. Sponsorship Superstars: They’ll build the courage to ask for sponsors, making their dreams bigger and bolder.

8. Offer Owner: First hand experience to overcome the fear and have courage to offer their own products and services.

9. Marketing: Your kids will learn the ropes of product marketing, making them the marketing maestros of tomorrow.

10. Money Matters: Say goodbye to endless allowances! Your kids will learn how to earn their own money and become little financial gurus.

    By the End of the Program, Your Kids Will:

    smile Unleash their passion and purpose in life

    smile Have a clear vision of their goals.

    smile Lay the foundation for entrepreneurship at an early age.

    smile Be ready to face challenges and difficulties head-on.

    smile Boost confidence in communication skills.

    smile Understand the secret language of money.

    smile Master the art of using gadgets for both research and earning income.

    smile Embrace the courage to take risks fearlessly.

    smile Be part of a community of Young Taokes.

    smile Be able to join in the succeeding mini fairs of the future batches

    i want my child in

    “Grabe yun anak ko… sobrang excited and enthusiast na maging entrepreneur!” 

    – Dad with 4 kids (12, 7, 4, 4)

    What sets Little Boss Camp Level 1  apart from other programs for young entrepreneurs?

    Our commitment to helping kids discover their passion and purpose, with a strong emphasis on financial literacy. 

    We teach them how to achieve long-term financial stability and we are building a community of young Taokes to provide a supportive environment.

    To top it off, the program is designed for them to attain sustainable financial growth through AngPao for Life leading to a worry-free financial  future.

    Program Details:

     Program Duration: 6 Weeks

     📅Schedule of Classes: May 7, 9, 14, 16, 23 and Jun 1

    🕰️ Session Duration: 1 hour per session face to face

    ⏰ Time:

    Little Boss Class (for ages 7 – 11) 8:30 am – 9:30 am 

    Young Taoke Class (for ages 12 – 18)  10:00 am – 11:00 am

    Location:🏢Strength and Wellness Active Gym 226 Penthouse, Lyons Bldg, Wilson, San Juan, 1502 Metro Manila2


    Ready to Ignite the Entrepreneur in Your Child?

    Invest in your kids’ future…for only:

    Php 4,998 Only

    (Regular Price: Php 14,997)

    Don’t miss this chance to shape your child’s future! Secure a spot now and witness the transformation.


    Enjoy even more awesome surprises when you enroll now and get these exclusive bonuses!

    BONUS : 🌟 Free Webinar: How to Train Your Kids to Be Money Smart! (Valued at PHP 888.00):


    Hold on tight because there’s a free webinar coming your way! 

    “How to Train Your Kids to Be Money Smart” valued at PHP 888.00.

    It’s like a warm-up before our official start date!

    This is not just about pesos and cents…

    It’s about setting your kids up to be financially prepared for the future. 

    Join now, and let the excitement begin! 🚀💰

    Here’s what to expect in this free webinar:

    🤔 Learn About The Common Mistakes Parents Make with Kids’ Money:


    Ever wondered if you’re handling your kid’s money matters the right way? 


    We’ll discuss common mistakes and how to avoid them:


    1. Angpao Wisdom: Instead of letting angpao funds disappear, discover the smart move of putting them into something that would generate more money,


    2. Money Education: Learn why it’s crucial to educate your kids about handling money from an early age.


    3. Spoiling Dilemmas: Find out how to avoid the trap of constantly buying things your kids want, teaching them the art of self-control.


    💡 Practical Tips for Raising Money-Smart Kids:


    1. Know Their Personalities: Understand your kids’ unique personalities to tailor your financial approach.


    2. Goals, Wants, Desires: Discover the importance of aligning financial lessons with your kids’ goals, wants, and desires.


    3. Incentive Magic: Strategically use incentives when they do good  like having good grades, completing chores, or even engaging in Kidpreneur activities to teach the value of hard work.


    4. The 3 Jars Rule: Introduce the 3 jars strategy – Save, Spend, Give – to instill responsible money habits.


    5. The Power of Saving: Teach the magic of saving by allocating funds to an investment account, starting conservatively to witness the power of interest.


    6. Enjoy and Celebrate: Encourage your kids to enjoy their money responsibly and celebrate small achievements along the way.


    7. Learn to Give Back: Instill the importance of giving by showing them how to contribute to others in need.


    Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to empower your kids with financial wisdom!


     I want you to have complete peace of mind when you enroll your kids to  小老板 (Little Boss Camp). 

    That’s why I’m offering you my personal 30-day money-back guarantee.

    If for any reason you’re not absolutely satisfied within the first 30 days, simply reach out to me and my team. We’ll be more than happy to refund your purchase price, no questions asked.

    I truly believe in the value and effectiveness of this course program, and I want you to experience that for yourself.

    So go ahead and let your kids give it a try!

    Take your time to see how it works for them.

    You can enroll your kids with confidence knowing that I stand behind this program and your satisfaction is my top priority.

    It’s as simple as that.

    Take advantage of my 30-day money-back guarantee and try the 小老板 (Little Boss Camp) Course Program risk-free.

    I can’t wait to see our young minds bloom into young entrepreneurs!

    See you there, and let’s embark on this exciting journey of raising money-smart kids together! 💸🌈

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    About the Instructor

    Hi there, I’m Sheila Ching Ong, born and raised in Binondo.

    Contrary to what people think, I did not grow up in a wealthy family.

    We led a simple life where just having three meals a day felt like a blessing.

    Luxuries like staycations or frequent vacations were far from our reality.

    When my parents’ business faced bankruptcy, our family hit rock bottom…

    And the future seemed uncertain.

    It was during this trying time that my faith strengthened.

    This period also taught me the significance of smart money management.

    As a young dreamer, I aspired to be a successful entrepreneur, full of innovative ideas and determination.

    However, without proper guidance and support at that time, my early ventures often stumbled.

    But with each setback, I learned valuable lessons in resilience, adaptability, and the importance of seeking mentorship.

    Driven by my past struggles, I now work as a Kidpreneurs coach.

     My goal is to empower kids with entrepreneurship and financial insights.

     Drawing from my own journey…

     I aim to equip young minds for the business world, to help them discover their passion, realize their purpose, navigate through challenges and thrive.

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