May chismis ako sa ‘yo.

Kilala mo si Jisoo, si Lisa, at si RM.

Ang kwento ko pakinggan mo.

Alam mo naman tayong mga Pilipino para sa atin hindi importante ang insurance.

Until the time comes that we need it. 

Sabi nga nila, hindsight 20/20.

Kung kailan kailangan mo na talaga, saka mo hahanap-hanapin.  

While it is essential for you to get the best policy that suits your needs, the key is to be insured now, period.

Bukas, puede?

Now, nga Mare.

“The best plan is the one that is enforced at the time you need it most.”

Ano daw?

Ito mga kwento ko.

Jisoo: She got a VUL plan at age 26. After a year, she was diagnosed with brain cancer.

It has no health component as it offers an investment plan with life insurance.  

She did not get any benefits early on.

Her personal funds were quickly depleted with her chemotherapy and radiation sessions, and she needed to borrow money.

Even worse, because of sickness, she could not work anymore.

Lalo siyang nalubog sa utang. Kawawa siya Mars!

Source: Pexels

However, the value of her investment gradually accumulated. 

It eventually became her emergency fund.

When she got the funds, she immediately sent me a message.

“Thank you Sheila, no more worries! Ayaw kong malubog sa utang.”

Pareho kaming napabuntong-hininga.

Even though her insurance was not designed for health emergencies, it still pulled through for her.

Meron pa Mars, naalala mo si Lisa?

Lisa: My friend introduced me to her Mom. Her Mom got a certain amount of dollars and she wanted to save and make it grow.

My friend’s Mom invested her money in our Single Pay plan.

It is a type of insurance where a lump sum is paid in return for a sizable death benefit. 

Unfortunately, the pandemic came, and keeping her business became a daily struggle. 

Hindi umayos negosyo nya Mars at kailangan nya paikutin ang pera para mabuhay.

It wasn’t doing well, and she needed to circulate money for it to survive.

She had no choice so she withdrew the money.

It is a good thing that her plan offers this kind of flexibility.

Ang saya ko Mars at nailigtas nya negosyo niya. 

Ito pa, naalala mo si RM na breadwinner?

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