“Achi Sheila, I’m overwhelmed with so many funds available out there.  How to choose the right investment for me?” asked a fresh graduate student already working for a year.

Are you like the fresh graduate here who is overwhelmed with so many investment companies and so many fund options out there?  Puzzled with different investment terms and charts?

Let me break it down for you. Here’s how to know which investment is right for you:

1. Know your risk appetite. Risk appetite is the amount of risk you are willing to take on. How much are you willing to take risk?

2. Know how to read Fund Fact Sheet so that you will learn the ff: (a) know where is the fund invested, what are the top companies that the fund is invested in; (b) What is the historical performance ; and (c) Know the future potential growth of the fund by reading the insights inside the Fund Fact Sheet

3. Have the right investment attitude. – confidence, courage and braveness

“All genuine learning comes through experience” – John Dewey

To get full context and details about the tips above, you may watch the replay here How to know the right investments for you.

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