Do not fear! God is in control!

These are the messages that I got during the Easter Vigil.

Inspite of the ECQ for the past two weeks, I am happy to say that Philippine Equity Market did not move much. We can see stability as almost all businesses continued operating. A lot of businessmen have already adjusted to this new normal and most of them are doing businesses from the comfort of their homes.


I advise you not to worry about your investments as this downturn is just temporary.  As long as you do not withdraw your investment, you only incur paper losses.

What I am worried about is your family.  And I believe that you will agree with me that your family is more important than your investments.  Right?  What is most important right now is to secure your families.

The current pandemic is no joke and a lot of people have been affected.  It pains me more knowing a lot of close families to me are suffering.

So how can you save your family financially in these times?

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By providing liquid cash if you get ill and sick and also if you are taken out of this world, saving your family from possible debts.

If you are the main man of your home, who will now take care of these expenses if you are gone?

Getting the maximum life insurance coverage for you is the solution.  You do not need to get a permanent life insurance just yet if you want to have emergency funds for now.  Get a term life insurance coverage with an equivalent value of the following:

  1. Possible hospital bills up to Php 5 Million
  2. Operating expenses of your business worth for one year
  3. Your outstanding business loans
  4. Daily needs of your family for the next 10 years
  5. Tuition fees of your kids until College

Do not have fear on the cost, because it is affordable!  I have here a sample computation for your reference.

For male at 15 Million,

It is a high time to review your existing policies and check how much more coverage do you need to really secure your family.

I urge you to do it now!  Before its too late!

I am receiving a lot of calls nowadays, checking if they have enough or appropriate coverage.  Sad to say that some of them do not have the necessary coverage (i.e. for critical illness) or not enough insurance.

Securing your family gives you peace of mind and can help you be more focused on your businesses.  The less stressed you are, the more you will be productive.  The less stressed you are, the more you are healthy.  You do not need to carry the burden by yourself, let life insurance companies carry them for you.

Your legacy architect is here to help and assist you for life!  Just give me a message on how can I assist you.

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