“Nung nawala Dad niya, bata pa siya, lumipat sila sa mas maliit na bahay, tapos nagtitipid na… nakikita ko eh, hirap din sila, hindi rin niya masisi ang mom niya kasi housewife mom niya eh, walang training sa Seng Di… biglaan nawala… nagiba talaga ang buhay niya…” – Business Owner with 4 kids

This is the worry of every Dad.

Do you agree with me?

What will happen to his family if he suddenly pass away.

“Kaya ako… I make sure that, if ever meron mangyari sa akin, siyempre, hindi masabi sa panahon ngayun, at least may maiiwan ako sa kanila.  Lalo na ngyon bata pa sila, hindi naman sila pwede magwork dito sa office.  So may maiiwan lang sa kanila kung meron akong maiwan na pera pang future nila like for studies and expenses…” – client continues

My client’s friend witnessed his Xavier high school classmate downgrade their lifestyle, transferring from a mansion to a smaller house.  Kung dati, sige spend lang ng spend, ngayon, every penny counts.

Would you be interested to know how my client made sure that he will be ready when he meets our Creator?

Watch this video to learn:

(1) 4 steps to successful family business succession planning:

Step 1: How to have money now (06:38)

Step 2: How to create passive income without relying on yourself? (06:48)

Step 3: How to help your family create new passive income streams (07:04)

Step 4: How to create wealth that lasts generations (07:19)

(2) 2 Misconceptions business owners have about preparing for succession planning

  1. Preparing for death is not part of their business plans. (07:51)
  2. Clients get overwhelmed by the amount of funds they need. (10:31)

(3) 3 tips on how to have immediate cash

  1. Be liquid. You have to have cash flow certainty. (08:30)
  2. Getting life insurance. (10:44)
  3.  Building passive income. (14:29)
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