“Ngayon ko lang nalaman na pwede pala mag withdraw ng funds sa vul/insurance policy.”

“Mahalaga talaga ang insurance lalo sa panahon ngayon.”

I got this feedback from my FB live last Wednesday.

Having life insurance policies is our PLAN B.  Just in case suddenly you need funds, yes, your dividends (for traditional plans) or the account value (for VUL plans) you accumulate over time can serve as your emergency funds.

But before withdrawing, you need to check on these 3 things:

How much is your current account value?

Understand and learn how much is your monthly cost of insurance that is deducted to your VUL account.

Understand your investment fund options and take advantage of them.  We want to grow your funds in your VUL plan to make sure that your life insurance coverage will reach till age 100.

To get complete details, you may watch the replay here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KM8SyjRSiPU , or simply book a call with me https://bit.ly/bookSheila if you want me to assist you with your current policies across different life insurance companies so that you will be able to maximize your existing insurance coverage.

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