My Story

Sheila Ching Ong is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Management of Financial Institutions in De La Salle University, Manila.

She started her career in financial planning services at age 22.  She learned cash flow management the hard way as she and her family experienced bankruptcy.  As she strives to work hard and help her family pay off debts, it became her passion to educate entrepreneurs on how to have cash flow certainty, especially during uncertain times without affecting business growth. 


As she journeyed her career for 16 years, she developed her introverted personality to become a public speaker.  She now coached over a thousand entrepreneurs to build self-confidence to innovate, find their life’s purpose and help them with cash flow reliability.

Sheila is the Founder of  Milenyong Entrepreneurs Support Group and Resolute Life PH.  

She is a Registered Financial Planner, a Certified Scale-up Coach, a multi-awarded Manulife Agency Leader, a wife, a mom and a daughter of God.

Sheila is a detail-oriented, open-minded, driven, and hopeful dreamer.  

Hi! I’m Sheila

I’m born and raised in Binondo.  Unlike what most people think of Chinoys, I didn’t grow up rich.  My family and I live a simple life wherein we can eat simple meals 3 times a day is already enough.  We did not have opportunities to splurge like staycations, or vacations here and there.  I never rode an airplane during my childhood.  Meron siguro once lang.


I noticed that there’s discrimination towards us.  If people knew that we belong to the lower middle class, the treatment is different compared to those who are in the upper class.  We were “not preferred”. 


With this experience, I told myself that once I get to earn income, I will make sure that our financial status will level up and be at par with the others.


Until one day, we experience our ROCK BOTTOM, which is something more degrading for us.  “Ya Pai Se” to experience Bankruptcy. 


Our life became so uncertain wherein we do not know where to start.  Praise the Lord, this is the moment I get to know Him so deeply that He gave us strength and motivation to make it in life.  Because of this experience, I get to lean on God, get to learn financial planning for myself and opened my eyes to the transformation that money management can provide. I believe that knowledge is power and I enrolled myself on different masterclasses like Registered Financial Planner (RFP).   Learning from my experiences, I became passionate to share my knowledge and expertise with other people.

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My Services

After deliberate learning and talking to different Fil-Chi parents, I found the solution to the mistakes that we followed with the Chinese culture. I began crafting presentations, worksheets to be able to deliver the message.  Countless hours of research, enrolling on different classes, and trial and error led to the creation of my 3R method that will slowly remove one by one the financial worries that Fil-chi parents have.  I’ve come a long way since I started 17 years ago, as time goes by, all my clients became not only close friends but I became part of their family.

My Impact

My advice help my clients get peace of mind, getting request payouts for:

  • Kids’ tuition fees
  • Daily needs
  • For Ang Pao – gift giving

During uncertain times like this time of pandemic, I have lots of clients withdraw their money because of the following reasons:

  • Business is not doing well and needs more funds to make it run and after a year, the business is doing well again
  • Needs to renovate a home
  • Needs to have a back surgery
  • Needs to give money to their relatives in China

And also, clients receive claims due to :

  • Accident
  • Sickness
  • Unexpected death

With these different situations, my services were able to provide outright funds for them to continue living without money worries.  I can say that this is the gift of planning, saving and investing a few years back.  Without this, these people might be borrowing money from their relatives and from other financial institutions which will give them more stress in life.


I help Filipino-Chinese parents create a future where their children enjoy the fruits of their labor and have all the advantages to make it big in life.

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