Empowering Families:

A Journey to

Financial Independence

Empowering Families:

A Journey to Financial Independence

Do you need additional income aside from your current work or business?

Are you concerned about your kids not using their money wisely?

Is your lack of money causing you to neglect your children?

This 3-day Masterclass will help you find clarity about your family financial goals, feel confident in your money decision making and have a worry-free life as you get the structure on achieving Financial Independence.

Here’s what to expect on this 3-day Masterclass

Day 1 (April 14, 2023 at 8PM)

Finding CLARITY on your Family Financial Goals

You will get clear direction on how much accumulated funds you need for you to have money worry free life and be able to be fully present with your kids.

With partnership with Teacher Baldwin, who is a Visual Artist, Humanitarian, Creative Life Coach, he will conduct a Mandala workshop to help the parents manifest the goals that they have set.

About the Speaker

Teacher Baldwin

Visual Artist, Humanitarian, Creative Life Coach


Teacher Baldwin is the most recognized children’s art mentor in the Tsinoy community.  His unique teaching style and approach to children produce local and international award winning artworks made by his students.

  • Founder of Center of Developmental Art Manila, Inc.
  • Board member of Kaisa Para sa Kaunlaran
  • Asian Oceania Outstanding Person with epilepsy
  • Conferred as the Peace Pal International Humanitarian of Peace in 2011

Day 2 (April 21, 2023 at 8PM)

Train your kids to be money smart

You will learn the different communication style with kids and a step-by-step guide on training your children the value of money to be conducted by our very own Cash Flow Certainty Coach, Sheila Ong.

17 years in the financial planning industry

As she journeyed her career for 17 years, she developed her introverted personality to become a public speaker. She now coached over a thousand entrepreneurs to build self-confidence to innovate, find their life’s purpose and help them with cash flow reliability.

About the Speaker

Sheila Ong

She started her career in financial planning services at age 22. She learned cash flow management hard way as she and her family experienced bankruptcy. As she strives to work hard and help her family pay off debts, it became her passion to educate entrepreneurs on having cash flow certainty, especially during uncertain times, without affecting business growth.

Day 3 (April 28, 2023 at 8PM)

Money-saving habit strategies

You get some tips on building the discipline and habit of savings for you and for your kids.

In partnership with Teacher Mala, an Author, Teacher and a Habit Specialist, will give enlightenment and strategies on the importance of building habits.

About the Speaker

Mala Chatani

Teacher Mala helps struggling and busy parents develop their child’s study habits using her SMART Academic Hack Program!

She has the following programs:

Book: How to Raise A Smart Kid in the Digital Age.

Tutorial Program: SMART Academic Hack Tutorial Program

Group for Parents: The homeschoolers Tribe

Parenting Program: Train your child.

Youtube: Get Smarter with Teacher Mala and Nurturing Your Child

Blog: Nurturing your child    www.teachermala.com/blog

It’s a 3-day Masterclass full packed with VALUES.  A certificate of accomplishment will be given to you as soon as you finish the program.


Be FULLY present with your LOVED ones without the money worries.


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