Ever since the quarantine started, kids have been bored. Parents working at home are also distracted by their kids. This has made some working parents impossible to focus on their businesses or jobs. To address this situation, Team Resolute Life organized a program called Kidpreneurship for kids ages 10 and above.

Kidpreneurship was a 5 day learning session that ran from June 1 to 10, 2020.

About 40 to 50 families participated in the Zoom sessions. It was well attended parents and kids between 7 to 20 years old.  It turned out to be a great bonding moment.

To make the kids quarantine life productive,  we teach them how to become kidpreneurs. We taught entrepreneurial skills to kids. It is best to start them young, especially if you want to pass on your businesses to them.

In the live webinars, the kids learned how to develop disciplined habits. They also learned how to bake cookies, draft a business plan, create their social media accounts for marketing and lastly, they learned how about money management.

Because the event was a success and all the kids had fun, we extended the online webinars for the graduates. We  explored more into teaching them how to find their passion, focus and time management, and taught them how to make their money grow from their hard earned income.

The results were great and I am so happy that most of the participants have started to implement what they learned from the webinar. A mom and her 7 year old daughter applied their learnings from the progam.  They are now selling pastillas. Another 12 year old kid started her Instagram account and selling her crochet works.

The feedbacks were great!

We also launched a second batch of the Kidpreneurship and ended on Aug15.  We enhanced our program and invited more guests who shared their passion in music, drawing and arts. We focused more on creativity. Another businesswoman who taught us how to make a logo for our business.

Many participants from the first batch attended again together with new talented kids.

This time we taught them to create their own vision board.

Another 8 year old kid who is very shy loves to attend our sessions.  Here’s a message from her mom. (photo)

Now, they are asking for batch 3.  We will have another run maybe sometime October to November during the semestral break from school.  If you want your kids to join our program, just shoot me a message so that I’ll advise you once we launch our 3rd run.

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