“Naku, sirang sira na ang budget ko! Super taas na ng mga bilihin ngyon!” – Mommy Mila Can you relate to Mommy Mila? Ramdam niyo na ba ang pagtaas ng mga bilihin? Mommy Mila asked: “What can I do to stretch my budget and still be able to reach my financial goals?” I would love to answer this question. We will discover what are the right attitudes, skills and knowledge you need so that you are still on track with your monthly budget.

How to Stretch Your Budget and Still Reach Your Financial Goals,here what you should do.

1. Cost Cutting;

2. Increase Revenue; and

3.Look for investments that will beat the inflation rate.

To get more details, you may watch the replay here https://youtu.be/GfK2lN3BYWE, or simply book a call with me https://bit.ly/bookSheila if you want me to assist you with your current policies across different life insurance companies so that you will be able to maximize your existing insurance coverage.

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