Health is wealth. I know you’re probably tired of hearing this all the time, but this season, this is very true to me. 

My husband and I would love to have a second baby already.  Last October, I visited my Ob-gyne and was advised to have an internal exam and she saw a new cyst in my ovary.  I had a cyst removed before having Connor, my son.  So I thought, “Oh no, not again! “ I felt devastated and I worried about it. 

Last week, I visited my doctor again and have myself checked. I was holding my breath, not knowing what to expect. Thankfully, the doctor told us not to worry at all. She said in Fookien “bo sha mi’ which means it’s nothing! That suddenly became the 3 most important words I have ever heard.

Whew!  What a relief! My breath started to normalize and my pulse stopped racing.  And then she said, “You can now try to conceive but first, you need to lose weight.”

Hmm.. not a hundred percent good news after all. It means I need to do something for my health if I really wanted to conceive.

On the other hand, my back has been aching for quite some time now so I visited a Physical Therapist.  He told me that I was having muscle spasms and that I needed to do some exercises to develop my muscles more.

The solution for me is really to do a lot of stretching and exercises to ease the back pains…and with God’s blessings, to be able to conceive soon.

With the busyness in the house and with work, exercise has always been neglected. It never became a priority. But all that’s going to change for the better. I resolve to fully commit to give time to my health this coming 2020.

Big words for me, but I am determined.

I am very excited for 2020. I know you are too.  New Year, new beginnings. Right?

What are you planning on achieving in the coming year? Anything you want to acquire? What are you willing to commit to doing? Let’s be accountable to each other. Reply to this email with your goals for 2020.

On a different note, the New Year is also a good time for us to do a policy review.  Just send me a message and let me know the best time to visit you.

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