No time to grieve.

“I was not able to properly grieve my father’s death because I was shocked by the expenses that I needed to shell out! I spent almost a million, we were not prepared, and I needed to rush back to the UK for work.” – Ida

In today’s world, whenever we are in a health crisis, war, and high inflation environment, it is really important to have a boy scout attitude. This is called the “Always Be Ready” attitude.

With the rising costs of healthcare and other expenses, we always need to be ready for the worst or else our hard-earned money will just be wiped away by an emergency. Like our example above, she is a nurse, working so hard in the UK and suddenly all her savings are wiped out by the sudden death of her dad. So how should we prepare ourselves for us to be able to preserve our hard-earned money?

Watch the FB live replay to know more. In this video, you will discover…

1. 3 reasons why widows and orphans has no time to grieve when their loved ones passed away

2. 3 tips on how to preserve wealth

3. 3 things you need to prepare for final expenses

Watch it here.

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