Have you seen the Korean series “Squid Game”?

If you’re like me who binge-watched the entire series and even if you haven’t watched it, then this is for you!

I’ll be very honest, it’s a crazy entertaining series, full of surprises.

Yung akala mo kakampi mo tapos siya pala ang papatay sa’yo.

Source: Squid Game

Desperate times, desperate measures.

Cash prize nila is 45.6 Billion won, almost 2 Billion in peso sinong gusto magpatalo? 😀

Regardless if you’re in debt (like the characters) or just wishing to get rich quick, I want to share 10 financial lessons you can learn from the series:

  1. Money is important, but it doesn’t always ensure happiness.

Squid Game is more than just surviving; it’s about enjoying and seeing the beauty of life. It makes no difference how much money we have if we are unhappy with our lives.

Money can’t buy the most valuable and irreplaceable thing in the world: happiness.

  1. Your life may be put at risk if you are unable to manage your finances.

You know one thing na meron sila in common? Debt. The story tells about 456 people na magcocompete pero buhay nila ang nakataya.

Ikaw, how well are you in managing your finances?

That’s why managing your family’s resources is crucial.

  1. Gambling won’t guarantee you a better life

Yes, it’s a quick win kung maswerte but it’s never guaranteed.

One wrong move and you’d end up losing everything.

Like what happened sa main character, Gi-hun.

He was given money to buy dinner for his daughter’s birthday, pero he used it to gamble.

He won but the money was stolen from him kaya he couldn’t even buy a decent gift for his daughter.

  1. The best time to get insurance is when you don’t need it yet

In episode 2, Gi-hun urged his mom to get her diabetic foot treated, only to realize that he stopped paying for her health insurance years ago.

Wala silang choice but to walk out of the hospital.

This serves as a reminder that we should not put off purchasing insurance until situations become urgent.

Insurance shouldn’t be a burden because it’s an investment that will secure our future.

  1. Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

The same with the investment context.

You shouldn’t put all of your money into the same investment product.

Try to diversify or divide into several investments or products to minimize the risk.

  1. Prioritize earning than spending.

There’s nothing wrong with spending, pero you must know how to be diligent in finding jobs that can sustain your family.

The series greatly emphasized learning how to prioritize things accordingly.

  1. You deserve to enjoy your hard-earned money.

I find it weird pero yung winner, halos di niya ginagastos yung pera na napalanunan nya sa game.

He deserved it and I think he should keep moving forward because he worked hard for it.

  1. Financial stability is not an overnight success.

Let’s remember that success doesn’t happen overnight.

Sabi nga nila: “Good things come to those who hustle.”

  1. Greed makes a man blind.

The squid game is all about survival. Greediness with money won’t lead to a good result because greed only makes things worse.

  1. Separate your wants from your needs.

The majority of the players have unique backstories.

But most of them failed to prioritize their needs from wants kaya nabaon sila sa utang

Truly, it’s your no ordinary game that requires you to risk your life.

If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to schedule a binge-watch on Netflix.

P.S. What about you, would you risk your life for 2 Billion Pesos?

To Squid Games and beyond,

Sheila Ong

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